Rev. Fr. George Ehusani, a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Lokoja, Nigeria, is the Executive Director and Lead Faculty of the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation - an institute committed to the training of present and future leaders of Church and Society in the dynamics of purpose-driven sacrificial leadership for the positive transformation of corporate, religious and political entities. He is also the Founder of, and member of faculty at the Psycho-Spiritual Institute, whose campus in Nairobi, Kenya, trains experts in Psychotherapy and Spirituality up to Master’s degree level, for English speaking African countries. The Abuja campus of runs short training programmes in Basic Skills for Psycho-Trauma Healing for a wide range of professionals and volunteers.

A one-time Secretary General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Father George Ehusani holds the Doctor of Ministry degree from Howard University, Washington D.C. (1990). For several years he served as a Faculty Member of the Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Training, whose leading campuses are located in Hawaii and in Singapore. He continues to serve on the Board of a number of local and international organisations, including the Editorial Board of The Guardian Newspapers, the Board of Trustees of the Centre for Values in Leadership, and the Nigerian Sodium Study Data and Safety Management Board. He is also a Fellow of the Nigerian Psychological Association.

A theologian, teacher, poet, human rights defender, social commentator as well as an amateur musician, George Ehusani has published numerous books and journal articles, and given several Conference papers, covering a wide-range of issues, from the Dynamics of Justice and Peace to the Challenge of Leadership, and from Christian Anthropology to the Imperative of Psycho-Spiritual Integration. He runs two weekly programmes on national television, namely: “Reflections with Father George Ehusani,” and “Sunday Homilies.”

Father George Ehusani is recognised in Nigeria as a prominent moral voice and regular advocate for equity, and the justice that makes for peace, unity, dialogue and human solidarity, using both the traditional electronic and print media outlets, as well as social media platforms. His leadership formation programmes, his pioneering psycho-trauma healing training workshops, his justice and peace advocacy, as well as his inter-religious dialogue initiatives, have over the years been widely acknowledged, such that he is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Prize for International Development, which was conferred in 2017.

Father George Ehusani has gathered a wide readership and followership, not only in Nigeria, but also in the international community. Millions of people watch his TV programmes on African Independent Television and Lumen Christi Television, as well as via his online platforms.

Among his published book titles are the following:

  1. An Afro-Christian Vision – Ozovehe: Towards a More Humanized World, American University Press, Maryland, USA, 1991
  2. The Politics of Population Control, Ahmadu Bello University Press, 1992
  3. The Social Gospel, Ambassador’s Publication, 1993
  4. A Prophetic Church, Pauline Pauline , 1996
  5. Fragments of Truth (Poetry) Kraftgroit Books, Ibadan, 1997
  6. Petals of Truth (Poetry), Kraftgroit Books, 1998
  7. Nigeria: Years Eaten By the Locust, Kraftgroit Books, 2002
  8. Gospel Reflections for our Time, Pauline Books, 2004
  9. Flames of Truth (Poetry), Kraftgroit Books, 2006
  10. Conversation with Fr. George Ehusani (Volume 1), Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, 2011
  11. Conversation with Fr. George Ehusani (Volume 2), Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, 2011
  12. A Word for the Day, Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, 2020


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