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We have toiled all night Lord

Like Simon and his companions

And caught nothing

It has been a long night

Of fruitless work

And meaningless labour

For we have got nothing

To show for our sweat.


Our lot has been a midnight

Of empty dreams and broken promises

We have witnessed a banquet of tears

And a harvest of sorrow

As we toiled all night

And caught nothing

Now humiliated and subjugated,

Our grief has been un-assuaged.


We have toiled all night Lord

Like the poor fishermen of Galilee

And caught nothing

Now tired and weary

Weak and faint hearted

We have run out of wine

And run out of pride

And like the young couple

Of Cana in Galilee

We are confronted

With impending shame.


Relying on own strengths

And unaided by your divine grace

Life for many of us

Has been a calligraphy of agony

And a mosaic of misery

Without you in our boat

Life has been an unending nightmare

That often ends

In the darkness of defeat.


We have toiled all night

Like the gamblers of Genesaret

And caught nothing

With the burden of failure

We swim in the chilly pool

Of our tears

And bathe

In the muddy waters

Of our misfortune

Now harassed and embarrassed

By the futility

Of our ability

Help has been long in coming.



Come into our boat today Lord

As you did with Simon Peter

And change our fortunes

With your miraculous powers

Visit us today

As you did Isaiah in the temple

And energize us

With the burning coal

Of your heavenly seraphs

Re-charge our weak batteries

With the blazing fire from your altar

That we may be worthy

To partake of the rich harvest

Of your vineyard.


True, we have toiled all night

And caught nothing

So enter into our boat today Lord

And transform the weakness

Of sinfulness

Into the strength of holiness

Bless us with your visit Lord

And transform the helplessness

Of faithlessness

Into the confidence

Of faithfulness.


Though we have toiled all night

And caught nothing

Yet if you come into our boat Lord

And re-invigorate us

With your all-powerful presence

Our pool of tears

Shall be transformed

Into an oasis of fortune.


We have toiled all night

And caught nothing

But energize us

With the burning fire

Of your spirit

That we may abandon

Our hopeless convictions

Of the inevitability of defeat

And open up

To your generous promise

Of success.


Empower us with your Spirit Lord

That we may put behind us

The awkward safety

Of our false assumptions

And put out courageously into the deep

For a catch

Shed your light into our hearts

And open our eyes

That we may bid farewell

To the darkness of doubt and fear

And begin to savour the power

Of your presence.


We have toiled all night Lord

And caught nothing

But enter into our boat

And pitch your tent

Within our abode

Visit us today

That extraordinary things

May begin to happen

Speak your Word of power

That miracles may occur daily

In our lives.

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