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I desire peace

Like Francis

That little saint

Of Assisi

Who lived the Gospel of freedom

To the full

And brought together

Men and women

Of disparate creeds and colours

To the warm embrace

Of the father of all

So make me an instrument

Of your peace

That I may bring the peace

Born of unity

Where there is the crisis

Of division



I desire love

Like Francis

The the diminutive angel

Of Assisi

Whose silent message of truth

Reached the ends of the earth

And softened the hardened hearts

Of the blind warriors

Who called themselves

Crusaders and jihadists

So make me a channel

Of your love

That I may proclaim your love

Where there is hatred

And announce your pardon

Where there is injury.


Like Francis (II)


I desire faith

Like Francis

The celebrated apostle

Of Assisi

Who held on to your promise

Through thick and thin

And never gave up

On your covenant

So make me a model

Of faithful discipleship

That I may live the Gospel

Without compromise

And witness to your truth

In season and out of season

Welcome or unwelcome



I desire light

Like Francis

The blessed torch-bearer

Of Assisi

Who waded through the storms

And the whirlwinds of his day

And never surrendered

To the night of discontent

So make me a beacon

Of your light

That wherever there is the darkness

Of doubt and fear

I may ignite the fire

Of faith and fortitude

And wherever there is the midnight

Of distress and despair

I may summon the dawn

Of hope and trust.

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