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Christ come quickly, do not delay

For as the mountain is engulfed in fire

So is the valley flooded with blood

And as the cities surrender

To robbery and banditry

So do the villages submit

To thuggery and trickery

The city groans and wails

The village gasps and pants

The light is dying

And the night keeps crying.

Christ come quickly, hurry down

For there is hunger in the city

And disease in the village

There is starvation in the city

And malnutrition in the village

The rich die of gluttony

And the wealthy perish in debauchery

The light is dying

And the night keeps crying

Christ come quickly, make haste

For those dressed in purple robes

Exchange your poor

For a pair of sandals

And the well to do

Buy the rest for pieces of silver

The wealthy lulls

In the stupefaction of affluence

As the pauper groans

In the desperation of deprivation

The light is dying

And the night keeps crying

Christ come quickly, do not delay

Rent the heavens open and come down

That the stony hearts of the greedy merchants

May quake at your presence

And the mighty boots of the callous oppressors

May melt at your sight

Then your lowly poor will rejoice

And your remnant few will sing the song of freedom


                        ----Rev. Fr. George Ehusani

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