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Lord as I contemplate in gratitude

Your suffering, death and resurrection

In this holy season

I am consumed by a loving desire

To follow you faithfully

And to bear authentic witness

To your love, mercy and forgiveness

And the truth that saves

Before the men and women of my generation

As I end my Lenten period of solitude

And join other believers

In the celebration of the resurrection

I pray:

Preserve me with the grace of commitment

And constant striving

Along the way

That leads to your blessed Kingdom


Give me today  

The faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

And fill me with the love

Of Hannah, Ruth and Susanna,

That one day I may take my place

In the gathering of these Patriarchs and Matriarchs

Fill my life with the light of your resurrection

And touch my lips with the fire of your truth

That on that day I may be counted

Among the ranks

Of such men and women of faith

As Isaiah and Jeremiah

And John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary


Lord, grant me your grace

And make me docile to your will

That in the course of my pilgrimage here below

I may follow the example

Of your faithful disciples through the ages:

Peter and Andrew, James and John

Mary and Martha, Magdalene and Siloame


Yes Lord, embolden me with courage and fortitude

In my Christian discipleship

That at the end of the day

I may be at home  

With the Apostles and Evangelists

The Martyrs and Confessors

Yes, that I may be counted

Alongside Stephen and Cornelius

Agatha and Lucy


Heal me of all defilement

And cleanse my thoughts and desires

Make me pure today

That at the end of my sojourn here

I may be worthy of singing your praises

Along with Francis and Claire

And Bernard and Catherine


Manifest yourself to me Lord

As you did to those disciples

On the way to Emmaus

That my heart, like theirs

May burn within me

Take my hands into your own

And with your Holy Spirit

Shake me off my stupor

Shed your powerful light upon my way

As you did to Paul on his way to Damascus

That my life may forever be transformed


Show me how to die to sin, Oh Lord

And make me rise to new life in you

Teach me to recognise as vanity

The wealth and the pleasure

And the power and prestige

Of this world

And help me to seek instead

The things that are above


Fire me up with zeal for your house

And fill me with love for your name

While I make my way through this life

Implant within me the passionate desire

And the blessed ambition

For the peace and the joy

The beauty and the glory

Which lie beyond Calvary


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